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Large Enterprises are challenged with building an infrastructure that supports the multiple demands being placed on their business. Each day, forward-thinking organisations reinvent how they conduct business by adopting Internet-based solutions. The results: competitive advantage, new sources of revenue, and optimised business processes.

However, for Internet-based solutions that are deployed without appropriate security policies, processes and products, Internet connectivity can also compromise the very gains in revenue and productivity. Major networking threats, for example network security breaches, e-mail spamming and Server attacks (denial-of-service), can result in damaging losses. The fear of such losses can cause organisations to delay implementing Internet-based solutions that they need to stay competitive. In today's dynamic business environment, this reluctance can quickly reduce a company's growth potential and erode its profitability.

RapidCloud Network Solutions suite of products, empowers our customers to safely deploy critical business applications and processes on the Internet and capitalise on its advantages. Let our solution assist you to unlock the tremendous gains in productivity and revenue from the Internet without fear.

RapidCloud Network Solutions suite includes

Network Solution
Solution Description

Cloud DRaaS
RapidCloud now offers a simple and highly-reliable Cloud DRaaS which minimises business risks.
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Automated monitoring service that monitors your server availability and notifies you via e-mail and SMS
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E-mail filtering service that blocks spam and virus from your mail box
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Online document and file sharing facilities allowing you to share and distribute large amount of information easily.
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